Should I offer hosting services to my clients?
Posted by Graham Strong on 05 December 2007 05:17 PM

Q. Should I offer hosting services to my clients?

A. If you are a professional web designer looking to expand your list of services, you may want to consider entering the world of web hosting. By registering for a Virtual Managed Server (VMS), you can add another line of income to your business!

This does take a bit of technical knowledge. And you may have to cover the costs of this service yourself for the first few months as you build your clientele. But in the long run, it can provide a lucrative sideline. Plus you can now:

  • Offer your clients design and hosting services "under one roof"
  • Make it easier on yourself since you don't have to "learn" how other servers work when clients sign up for different web hosting providers
  • Provide another value-added service that will keep your name in front of your clients
  • Almost guarantee that they will continue to use you for all their web work since you are hosting their site
  • Essentially create free web hosting for yourself and collect your own fees every month

Blue Genesis offers a complete VMS solution, and has more information about how VMS can work for you. Or check with your own web host provider!

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