Installing your application on 1and1 servers
Posted by DMXReady-SB on 20 April 2010 02:03 AM

Like DMXReady applications, 1and1 Hosting reserves the folder "config" for their own server settings. You will need to rename the dmxready "config" folder to "config2" and relink all of the variables to point to this folder instead.

Use Dreamweaver's 'Find & Replace' function to change all of the links from /config/ to /config2/.

1. Rename the folder config to config2

2. In Dreamweaver select Edit > Find and Replace (CTRL+F).

3. Select Find In: "Entire current local site" and Search: "Source code".

4. Type /config/ in "find" field and /config2/ in "replace" field.

5. Click "replace all"

6. Upload your files to the server.

7. Repeat the steps above to FIND the link "process_license_registration.asp" and REPLACE with "process_license_registration_config2.asp"

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