Customizing Your Skins With Online Notebook Manager
Posted by Graham Strong on 03 October 2008 02:59 PM
DMXReady provides Fireworks .png files, complete with slices, for you to modify and/or replace. One of the easiest customizations is to change the color, using the steps below. PLEASE NOTE: These steps are for your information only. DMXReady does not support any issues while using Fireworks. Please refer to your Fireworks documentation, and make a backup copy of all files before you start customizing your original files.
  1. In Dreamweaver or using Windows Explorer, duplicate the default skin folder (found at \onlinenotebookmanager\skins), and name it the color you wish to create.
  2. In Fireworks, open that skin, found at: \onlinenotebookmanager\skins\ColorYouJustNamed\png\onlinenotebookmanager_default.png.
  3. Go to “Select > Select All”.
  4. In the Properties box, click on “Effects > Adjust Color > Hue/Saturation”. Make sure the “Colorize” checkbox and the “Preview” checkbox are both checked.
  5. Adjust the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness until you have the color scheme you like.
  6. Save the file as \onlinenotebookmanager\skins\ColorYouJustNamed\png\onlinenotebookmanager_ColorYouJustNamed.png.
  7. Go to “File > Export”. Unclick “Include Area Without Slices” and export all images to “\onlinenotebookmanager\skins\ColorYouJustNamed\images\” and click “Yes” if prompted to overwrite.
  8. Upload your newly created color scheme\onlinenotebookmanager\skins\ColorYouJustNamed to your local server.
  9. Log into the Admin Control Panel and go to “Settings > Skins”.
  10. Select your new color from the pull-down menu, and click on the “Apply Skin” button.

There are other ways you can modify this file – play around with coloring the gif images or even adding your own. Just be careful not to adjust the overall file size of the image as this could impact how your notebook displays.

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