How Can I Make Money Using DMXReady Professional Services?
Posted by Graham Strong on 31 October 2008 06:14 PM
If you’re a web designer looking to get more done and make more money, DMXReady has the services to support your business. Outsource your customization work including installations, functional upgrades, add-ons, and more to the same team that built your apps for that “professional touch.”


  1. Submit a Support Ticket outlining the project in as much detail as possible. Please include a contact email and phone number.
  2. We will reply with specific deliverables along your quote.
  3. Add your markup and send your quote to your client.
  4. Purchase the services at the DMXReady site, paste the payment details into the Support Ticket, and return to us to start the customizations.
  5. We will notify you when your customizations are complete!

You make money on the markup and your own design services. PLUS you’ll be able to give your clients exactly what they need. You’ll never have to turn down a contract for lack of time or skills ever again!

If you have any questions about out services, please submit a Support Ticket with the subject: Professional Services Question.

DMXReady Helps You Sell Your Own Professional Services

DMXReady is currently producing a set of Letter Templates to help you contact your clients and offer them more services. These professionally written letters will help you close more sales, and make more money.

DMXReady has also developed a letter/email template to help you sell your own professional services for upgrades, updates, etc. Use as-is, or rewrite it in your own style. READ IT NOW. (Remember that we can help you offer almost any website programming and design service that you can't!)
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