DMXReady CMS v2 and DMXReady v1 Applications Compatibility Note
Posted by DMXReady-MH on 20 August 2009 08:16 PM

DMXReady CMS v2 ( is designed so that you can use your DMXReady v1 applications in the pages created with the system. However, it will require some minor modification to the v1 app so it will function 100%.

The reason to this is because some of the v1 applications use redirect method to get into the detail part of it. For example:
In this page, if you click on the question, it will redirect to to display the answer. If this page is to be included in a page created with DMXReady CMS, there will be incorrect redirect on the page since it will add ?page=something to the URL. For example: will redirect to This is clearly a wrong URL to the question's detail. In this case, the URL should be:

Please see here for more detailed information about using DMXReady v1 applications in DMXReady CMS v2:

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