Error: Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0131' Disallowed Parent Path
Posted by DMXReady Admin on 25 April 2014 05:20 PM
Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0131'
Disallowed Parent Path
The Include file '../../Connections/xxxxxxxxx.asp' cannot contain '..' to indicate the parent directory.


In newer versions of IIS, parent paths have been disabled by default. There are 2 solutions to address this issue.

Solution A:

Enable parent paths on your server as described here:

Solution B:
Edit the existing include statements that use "file" and convert them to "virtual". (Use Find and Replace inside Dreamweaver). 
Example for v1 apps:
Change from:
<!--#include file="../../Connections/xxxxxx.asp" -->
Change to:
<!--#include virtual="/Connections/xxxxxxxxx.asp" -->

Example for v2 apps:

The above examples work for DMXReady v1 applications. The concept of changing the path in DMXReady v2 applications to use a fixed path is the same, the only difference is the fact that DMXReady v2 applications use different folder structure.
So for example, it should use something like:

<!--#include virtual="/dmxreadyv2/Connections/xxxxxxx.asp" --->


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