How do I create a template to display only the blog plugin app
Posted by Frank Calabretta on 16 November 2012 03:24 PM

The Blog Manager app files are located inside the folder "cmsv3/plugins/blogmanager".

We have not tested the blog application to work on its own, as this version of the blog is configured and tested to run as part of the CMS.

Nonetheless, in theory, you could create a master template that includes & displays only the blog.

To accomplish this,

1). make a copy of a master template i.e. cms-bootstrap.asp and call it blog.asp
2). remove all cms include files not required by the blog i.e. cms navigation, cms breadcrumbs etc.
3). remove the cms inc_body.asp template and include the "cmsv3/plugins/blogmanager/inc_blogmanager.asp" template

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