How do I modify the connection string to use DSN to connect to the database?
Posted by DMXReady Admin on 17 May 2010 07:41 PM

Q. How do I modify the connection string to use a DSN to connect to the database?

A. By default, all DMXReady applications use a DSNLESS connection string so that your applications are "ready to go." However, for the sake of security, DMXReady strongly recommends that you move your database outside of the root of your website to a folder that cannot be accessed by a web browser. Because every web host provider has different procedures, you should contact you web host provider to find out which is the best and safest folder to move your database to. (Currently, you will find your database(s) in the /databases folder.)

Once you have it moved, you will have to make a DSN connection to the database by changing your connection settings. This is found in the file located in your /connections folder.

Open this file in code view and replace with the following script:

' FileName="Connection_odbc_conn_dsn.htm"
' Type="ADO"
' HTTP="true"
' Catalog=""
' Schema=""
MM_faqsmanager_STRING = "dsn=dsn_name_provided_by_web_host;"

The example above is for FaqsManager -- please replace the bold part with your appropriate application name. 

For example:

For Members Area Manager:

  • MM_membersareamanager_STRING = "dsn=dsn_name_provided_by_web_host;"

For Secure Login Manager:

  • MM_secureloginmanager_STRING = "dsn=dsn_name_provided_by_web_host;"

For Secure Document Library:

  • MM_securedocumentlibrary_STRING = "dsn=dsn_name_provided_by_web_host;"



Please double check this script with your host providers example to ensure it will work with their server configuration.

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