How can I secure my Admin pages?
Posted by DMXReady Admin on 08 June 2004 08:03 PM

Q. How can I secure my Admin pages?

(Note: Generally speaking, this only applies to earlier DMXReady applications. Later versions came with built-in security including a login screen. However, you could use this information as another way to secure your Admin pages.)

A. The admin pages can be secured by securing a single folder ("admin"). There are many ways to secure the admin folder and all pages inside the admin area. It is up to the developer/designer to decide which way is best for their website.

If you choose to use server based security, please contact your webhost for instruction on how to password protect the "admin" folder. If you would like to use a script based security, recommends Secure Login Manager ( It allows you to quickly and easily password protect your admin pages.

How do I use the Secure Login Manager to secure the admin area?

1. Copy the following line:

<!--#include virtual="/applications/SecureLoginManager/components/inc_security_access_level1.asp" -->

2. Paste into the top of header.asp page, found in your Local Site in the /admin/ApplicationNameManager folder page.

This will password protect all pages that include the "header.asp" page, which is usually every file within the admin folder

3. Repeat the same steps for every installed application.

When testing with a specific members username/password, make sure the member is activated (the activated checkbox is selected).

How do I secure the database?

For extra security to prevent hackers from downloading the Access databases and getting hold of sensitive data like passwords, you should place your databases outside of the root of your web site in a private folder that is not accessible using a web browser. You will need to setup a DSN to connect to the database.

For more information, see:

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