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Posted by DMXReady Admin on 12 July 2005 12:18 AM

Q. What is the DMXReady Upgrade Policy ?

A. DMXReady upgrades its applications irregularly depending on many different factors. However, for the most part upgrades are redundant for customers already using the DMXReady application. If you have it installed and running successfully, there is no real need to "upgrade" your application. And, if you are like most people and have customized your application in some way, upgrading is actually counterproductive since it will simply erase all of your customization.

Here is a general outline of our upgrade and release process:

  1. All new application releases are announced in our monthly DMXReady Bulletin
  2. Minor product updates (i.e. bug fixes, etc.) are available free of charge
  3. New versions of existing products are treated like new products, and not "upgrades" in the traditional sense. Again, if you have a DMXReady application installed already, there is no real need to upgrade it.
  4. Generally speaking, all DMXReady Members receive discounts on new products and major upgrades the first month they are released. These are also announced through the monthly DMXReady Bulletin.
  5. Accessories are added sporadically for almost all DMXReady applications. In most cases, these help extend functionality for people with specific needs, and act as a customization "short cut". However they are not crucial to the operation of the application. Learn more here:

If you have any questions about upgrades or accessories, or if you have a suggestion for an application you would like to see, please fill in a Tech Support ticket and we will respond within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

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