How One Restaurant Solved Its Website Content Management Problem Using DMXReady
Posted by DMXReady Admin on 20 November 2006 12:48 AM

How One Restaurant Solved Its Website Content Management Problem Using DMXReady

One new restaurant owner wanted to find a way to manage his own content rather than rely on a web designer for every little change. His two biggest concerns were the same as any business owner: time and money. The restaurateur knew that he would need to update the website at least once per month to advertise new specials, upload seasonal menus, change the monthly line-up of live bands playing in the bar, and perhaps even use his site as a source of online coupons

He had heard about Content Management Systems (CMS) before, and had even tried a system at one of his other businesses. But it was so complex that he usually ended up subcontracting the content updating to someone else anyway. He foresaw high content management bills and the monthly hassles trying to coordinate updates with the web designer for his new site.

Then someone told him about DMXReady, specifically DMXReady Site Engine Manager, which was a new product at the time. He was skeptical at first based on his previous experiences, but after he saw the demo and learned how he could use it at his own restaurant, he realized that it was exactly what he was looking for.

Once installed, DMXReady Site Engine Manager allowed him to do everything he needed. Now he can instantly update his site anytime he wants (usually at night, after the restaurant is closed) without the help of an expensive professional. He did in fact subcontract the initial set-up and web design to someone else, but after it was launched he was happily doing his own updates including adding/editing content, adding pages, uploading PDFs of new menus, and removing old content.

For this restaurant owner, his problem was solved using DMXReady Site Engine Manager. Where at one point updating the website would take days of planning and a good chunk of money, now its as easy � and as inexpensive � as going online, accessing the admin page, and making the changes.

And as he grows his website, DMXReady has many different applications that will plug right into his website like DMXReady Mailing List Manager for letting regular customers know by e-mail about upcoming specials and DMXReady PayPal Manager to sell gift certificates online. Overall, this owner was very happy to have found DMXReady with applications that will meet all his needs!

Now this business case may not exactly match your company, but you can probably draw similarities in your own situation. Even if you are not ready to switch to a full content self-management solution like DMXReady Site Engine Manager, we have a whole host of software applications that can plug directly into your static website. Smaller applications, but a big difference in how you manage your own content!

Best of all, you can customize the HTML code and scripts to meet your needs and to fit the �look and feel� of your website. Hire out the initial installation to a web designer (we have a Developer�s Showcase where you can find designers familiar with DMXReady), or learn how to do it yourself with our step-by-step documentation using Dreamweaver, PageMaker, or any other HTML editor.

DMXReady provides the building blocks, and you provide the inspiration!

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